If you are working on a highly-critical engagement or a maganizish investigation you have to be sure that the information you have gathered or your audit program should be kept confidential. Otherwise, it would hurt you or the ones who are affected with your work. However, it might be quite though when all your data “belongs” to your company, and the “data custodians” of your company can easily browse your files even you will not notice whatsoever. I will tell you, how I cope with this situation.

One day, I heard an auditor colleague of mine suspiciously “lost” some of his audit evidences in the mid of his work. He was completely sure that he took the related evidences and put them all in that folder, which is not there at the moment. He was suspicious about some IT guys had deleted that folder from his computer. I took some measures to protect myself after hearing this story.

I strongly recommend you to install TrueCrypt no matter what you are a hacker hiding from the government, an auditor wants to keep his work confidential or a regular home user who has good memories with old pictures. This tool is awesome, it is opensource, it is free, it is very powerfull and it is one of the very first software that I install when I get a new computer.

You will learn how to use it as you use it regularly. But now I will tell you how to use it when you are not that familiar with a similar tool. It will create an encrypted file on your harddrive such as c:\data\ahmet.tc which is very large, let’s say 50 GigaByte. (You decide how large it would be.) Then, it mounts this file as a Harddisk or a Removable Media. (You will see that a new drive will be available when you look at My Computer.) What you save in this drive will be encrypted and no one will be able to see what is in there without knowing the password. Even, experienced forensic investigators would not be able to see that, but I am not sure about FBI.

As I said, this tool is really powerfull, supports lots of cryptographic and hashing alghoritms and shadow volumes and even hidden operating systems. Just give it a try, if you have any questions you can ask by commenting this article.